Ventilating tile PLAIN TILE STRETTO

The EDILIANS terracotta PLAIN STRETTO ventilation tile is designed specifically to allow ventilation under the tiles, thus eliminating humidity and other factors that affect the durability of the materials

  • Technically and aesthetically compatible with our PLAIN STRETTO tiles
  • Prevents the build-up of humidity
  • Hues in harmony with your roof as a whole


Reference 530.20
Tilery St Germer
Lenght overall
Overall width
Height of cloaked verge
Number of openings
Ventilation section 85 cm²
VMC (mechanical ventilation compliant) No
Unit weight in Kg
Working width
Quantity per pallet
Number per linear metre


  • Roofing Solutions
  • Tiles
  • Roofing accessories
  • Solar products
  • Airtightness
  • Large Single Roman Tiles
  • Plain Tiles
  • Medium and small Flat tiles
  • Large interlocking flat tiles
  • Medium and small Profiled Tiles
  • Large interlocking profiled tiles
  • Pantiles
  • Interlocking Plain Tile
  • Lighting
  • Watertightness
  • Hip and ridge
  • Finishing
  • Fixing
  • Eave
  • Verge
  • Safety
  • Ventilation
  • Solar clay tile
  • Photovoltaic tile
  • Under-roof membrane

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