Our CSR strategy,
Shaping a sustainable future together

Introducing the 2022 CSR strategy

CSR report 2022


With over two centuries of history behind us, we must use our unique expertise to build a better future, by developing increasingly innovative solutions of the highest quality.

Our motto, “Shaping a sustainable future together”, reflects the virtuous model that we strive to deploy for our stakeholders every day in order to respond to today's environmental and societal challenges.

In 2022, we are publishing our first CSR report to publicly declare our Corporate Social Responsibility ambitions and aims, while informing our stakeholders about our achievements and our areas of improvement.

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Taking action to protect homes sustainably

« Our CSR policy is a real vector of commitment that mobilises the whole company, spurring us on to keep making Edilians a sustainable partner for innovative and responsible homes. »

Pascal Casanova , CEO of Edilians

Our four strategic commitment pillars

To guide our approach and structure our actions, our commitment is implemented around four foundational pillars, with quantifiable progress targets for 2025 and 2030.



 environment building sustainability


Let's build environmentally friendly solutions

Because we believe in the precious connection between people and the land, we work every day to build an innovative, environmentally-friendly habitat. Reducing our carbon footprint and controlling our impact on nature and biodiversity are projects that will enable us to build our future, perpetuating our expertise and innovation capabilities for tomorrow.

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Toiture en tuiles solaires Edilians


Key facts & figures


direct carbon emissions per tonne of tiles produced in France by 2030 (compared to 2021)


of factories with ISO 50001 certification in 2025


drinking water consumed per tonne of tiles in France by 2025 (compared to 2019)

CSR 2022 - Edilians photovoltaic fieldsCSR 2022 - Edilians photovoltaic fields



Our decarbonisation plan is the cornerstone of our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint, aiming for a 30% cut in our direct CO2 emissions per tonne produced by 2030 in France. This will be achieved through a major investment plan to first reduce our consumption of natural gas, and in a second step to initiate substitution of natural gas with alternative decarbonised energy.

      Pillier Humain - Créateurs de savoir-faire


Let's invent a fulfilling and sociable human experience.


Because our skills are based on the expertise of the men and women we work with, we protect and support our 1450 employees. Ensuring they have good working conditions, upgrading their skills, and promoting diversity and equality: that is how we give each human experience a sustainable, responsible guarantee of fulfilment.

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Equipe Edilians - Pillier humain RSE


Key facts & figures


health & safety discussions in 2021


of our employees received training in 2020 and 2021


Gender equality index in 2021

L'humain au coeur de la stratégie RSE d'Edilians



In the area of health and safety, we are deploying an ambitious roadmap with a clear aim: to prevent accidents and illnesses, starting with the most serious ones likely to cause irreversible effects, based on two main reference frameworks: our QSE Policy and our Health & Safety Charter.

                           Ancrage local - Pillier RSE Edilians 2022


Let's strive to maintain virtuous bonds between individuals and their regions


Because we are more than just a company: we are true artisans with a passion for our trade and our know-how. This makes us particularly determined to defend and enrich the regions. We put this commitment into action by contributing to the development of communities and by protecting our architectural heritage.

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Edilians au service de la préservation des territoires


Key facts & figures


employment areas


projects with architectural and heritage value and/or social impact supported each year


roofers given photovoltaic training in 2021

L'Académie Edilians - formation couvreurs




Because we care about our partners and the long-term future of their trade, we support and advise our customers all the way to their worksites, in particular by contributing to the training of installers and dealers at the Edilians Academy.

                           Pillier Gouvernance - Fabricants responsables


Let's work to conduct our business in an exemplary manner


Because trust is a value we have now spent more than two centuries standing up for, we always try to apply it in our daily modes of operation, actions, and conversations. Trust based on transparency, integrity, ethics, and responsibility whilst abiding by rules.

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Pillier Gouvernance - Stratégie RSE Edilians 2022


Key facts & figures


external certifications since 2021 (Moodys ESG et Ecovadis)


code of ethics formalised in 2020

Certifications Ecovadis - RSE Edilians


Being assessed by external certification bodies provides an opportunity for us to structure our Corporate Social Responsibility policy. It is also an opportunity to measure ourselves against the best practices in our sector and to identify levers for improvement.



Discover our CSR report

In 2022, we are publishing our first CSR report to publicly declare our Corporate Social Responsibility ambitions and aims, while informing our stakeholders about our achievements and our areas of improvement.


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