PLAIN TILE 17X27 Phalempin

  • Beautiful traditional colours and textures
  • Low 30° roof pitch guarantee
  • Unique anti-capillary channels
  • Comprehensive 30 year durability guarantee
  • Pre-mixed blend options

A powerful tile

The Plain 17/27 Phalempin is produced at Phalempin in Artois.

Steeped in history

The Phalempin site has a long tradition of producing plain tiles. Phalempin's flagship tiles date back to 1860.

An ideal match

Offering a wide range of unique colours, it makes an ideal match in all regions of France and has become very popular in traditional regions of south east England. 

High performance

In common with other Phalempin tiles, the 17/27 model was designed to guarantee optimum watertightness both in newbuild and for restoration work.


Laid Broken bonded
Lenght overall 268 mm
Overall width 168 mm
Unit weight in Kg 1.10
DTU Implementation 40-23
Tilery Phalempin
Reference 500
Coverage per m² From 59 to 65
Nominal gauge From 90 mm to 100 mm
Linear metres of battens per square metre of roof From 10 ml to 11.11 ml
Working width 168 mm
Quantity per pallet 1088 tiles


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