• Innovative, economical design
  • Tapered leading edge
  • Variable gauge
  • 30 year durability guarantee
  • Compatible with EDILIANS PV modules
  • Can be installed at roof pitches as low as 17.5°

A multi-purpose tile

The Double HP 20 is a large format interlocking tile with a flat surface, produced at St Germer de Fly.


The Double HP 20 is the result of combining two small format tiles into a single tile. This major technical innovation offers both the good looks of small tiles and the rapid installation of large format tiles. This 2 in 1 tile is the result of different technical aspects which we judge to be indispensable to the installation and durability of a roof.


Once installed, the appearance of the Double HP 20 is very similar to that of plain tiles. Made from Beauvais clays, it offers all the quality and durability of our interlocking tiles. Moreover, thanks to its side interlocks and its invisible outlets, it offers outstanding watertightness and can be installed at roof pitches as low as 17.5°.


A successful tile in its own right, the Double HP 20 also owes its popularity to the wide range of accessories that cater for all your needs and requirements. Pediment, finials, verges, ridges etc all combine to make the Double HP 20 a roof that is attractive, effective and durable.


Interlock Double
Laid Joints croisés au quart ou Joints croisés à la moitié
Lenght overall 330 mm
Overall width 460 mm
Unit weight in Kg 4.30
DTU Implementation 40-211
Tilery St-Germer-De-Fly
Reference 209
Coverage per m² From 9.5 to 10.6
Nominal gauge From 225 mm to 250 mm
Linear metres of battens per square metre of roof From 4 ml to 4.44 ml
Working width 418 mm
Quantity per pallet 240 tiles


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