Timeless innovation

  • Reinforced waterproofing
  • Refined profile
  • Thin leading edge like traditionnal plain tiles
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Variable gauge
  • Clay tile of Beauvais
  • A low 22.5° roof pitch

An incomparable tile

The Beauvoise Huguenot takes its strength from the clays of the Beauvais region from which it is made. Made for more than 20 years at St Germer de Fly, the Beauvoise Huguenot is one of the most popular interlocking small format tiles in France.

A modern style

Its finesse, format and design offer modern good looks that are well suited to buildings both new and old.

A perfect plain tile look

Its pure lines, its straight, fine front edge and its reduced thickness bring unrivalled good looks.

For newbuild and renovation

With an appropriate range of accessories, it will soon become a reference point for both newbuild and renovation. A large range of colours means it will fit perfectly into your surroundings. The Beauvoise provides a major solution over traditional plain tiles due to its ability to provide a low 22.5° roof pitch option with a 30 year durability guarantee. 


Interlock Double
Laid Broken bonded
Lenght overall 322 mm
Overall width 235 mm
Unit weight in Kg 2.20
DTU Implementation 40-211
Tilery St-Germer-De-Fly
Reference 302
Coverage per m² From 20.2 to 20.7
Nominal gauge From 242 mm to 248 mm
Linear metres of battens per square metre of roof From 4.03 ml to 4.13 ml
Working width 200 mm
Quantity per pallet 480 tiles


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